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Ashok Bagdy on India Tries for EU Data Certification

An executive based out of Florida, Ashok Bagdy has worked in international business since 1989. Bagdy’s current interests center on outsourcing administrative tasks for medical service providers.

The European Union wants India to sign a free trade agreement, but the South Asian economic powerhouse will not agree to the deal unless it receives data secure status from the European Union. The status would make it legal for European firms to outsource business processes including confidential data to India. India has been seeking the status for years, and has put in place data security procedures that meet European standards. However, the EU has dragged its heels on the certification.

India will not enter into the free trade agreement without achieving data certification. Government officials say that obtaining certification will ensure that the agreement will not lead to a loss of Indian jobs. Meanwhile, trade groups predict that the business process outsourcing sector will grow by at least 150 percent once European law firms and healthcare providers can outsource some of their administrative tasks to India. Once the status is in place, Indian physicians and medical companies will be able to participate in the global telemedicine sector.

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